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Faculty of Arts and Sciences (AUB)

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences houses 22 academic departments, programs, and centers in three major areas of study: the humanities, the social sciences, and the basic sciences. It offers undergraduate programs leading to bachelor's degrees as well as graduate education leading to master's degrees in most fields. It offers four PhD programs. The role of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as the "Gateway to Higher Education" at the University and in the region is central to its mission, promoting liberal education through freedom of choice.


The mission of the B.A. in Literature in the Department of English is to provide a solid background in British, American, and other Anglophone literary texts, traditions, and cultures, as well as their continued relevance in a humanistic and liberal arts-based education. Cultivated by a community of teachers, scholars, and writers, undergraduate students engage with an ensemble of critical issues and develop individual interpretive theories and scholarly approaches. Upon graduation, students will be equipped to continue advanced study in English Literature, or other related disciplines, or to pursue a variety of career options in...

Agricultural Sciences

The Agricultural Sciences (AGSC) program provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence in the agricultural, plant, soil and irrigation sciences, through exemplary and integrative instruction, and through scholarly, creative and effective research and extension programs. The educational objectives of the AGSC program are to prepare students to address current issues at the regional and global levels using their scientific knowledge to improve production and protect the environment, provide practical and up-to-date knowledge in plant production, plant health management, and conservation of water and...


The Agribusiness (AGBU) program combines the study of management with agricultural sciences, in order to provide students with an understanding of the economic and business principles that underlie management and their application to agricultural and related businesses. The educational objectives of the AGBU program are to prepare students become entrepreneurs, business leaders, skilled farm operators and future policy advisers who are well-grounded in agriculture and food production; capable of communicating and using their skills in order to improve their livelihoods and that of their community. Undergraduate courses are offered in the...

Food Science and Management

The mission of the program is to educate students from the Middle East through courses, laboratory sessions and internships, on the fundamental skills, knowledge and practice of food science and management. The program prepares students for technical and managerial positions in food processing and/or service industries and for post graduate degrees in food science and management. The program includes supervised summer training at food service institutions or food industries. FAFS awards this degree upon the completion of 97 credits in a minimum of five semesters. Course topics include food chemistry, food analysis, food microbiology, food...


The mission of the B.A. program in Language in the Department of English is to promote a multifaceted approach to language. The program provides students with a foundational understanding of the principles and issues within current approaches to language and introduces them to various aspects of the structure, use, and learning of English. Through teaching and mentoring, the program encourages the students to apply their analytical skills to their experience outside the classroom, and prepares them for employment in areas related to English language teaching and publishing, and for the pursuit of advanced degrees in linguistics. The...