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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary study in which engineering and technology are applied innovatively to solve biological and medical problems for the benefit and welfare of mankind. The Biomedical Engineering programme is a joint venture among the Engineering Departments with strong support from the Faculty of Medicine in medicine-related courses and practical training. It aims at educating the next-generation biomedical engineers with an aspiration of serving the society and advancing healthcare at the interface of engineering, science, and medicine. Students enjoy flexibility not only in learning various forefronts of...

Journalism and Communication

The School of Journalism and Communication which has the longest history of communication education and research in Hong Kong, was formed in 1965. At present, the four-year undergraduate programme offers three professional tracks: Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Creative and New Media. Since its establishment, the School has aimed at training qualified professional communicators and researchers for the Hong Kong community, and advancing knowledge in various communication phenomena in Hong Kong and other cultures. The School's flexible and broad-based curriculum, with an emphasis on both theoretical and professional...

Asian Business Studies

The Asian Business Studies stream (ABS) is offered for undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in Asia with a special emphasis on China and Japan with Hong Kong as an intermediary. This stream builds on the unparalleled accesses that The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) can offer on China, courses on Japanese culture, and other relevant areas offered by the outstanding professors and on the curriculum of the CUHK Business School.