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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) is a place of excellence and innovation across fine art, design, architecture, and theoretical enquiry. MADA advocates the essential role of creative practice in quality of life and offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate studio-based degrees from its base at Monash's Caulfield campus, with options to study at Monash’s Prato centre in Italy. Our vibrant faculty is at the forefront of education in visual practice and our community fosters a spirit of experimentation and collaboration.


The new Bachelor of Agriculture will launch in 2016. It will provide you with breadth and depth of knowledge as well as key practical skills. Study soil science, plant science and animal science. Examine key aspects of agricultural production (food and fibre), from a scientific, economic, environmental and ethical point of view. Work in teams to apply your knowledge to solve key industry challenges – from improving animal production and welfare to addressing climate change and food sustainability. The first year of the course will focus on providing you with a solid foundation in agricultural science. You will undertake studies in four...


Kickstart your inspiring and flexible career with our Bachelor of Arts – one of Australia’s most popular degrees. Flexibility: Our innovative and flexible curriculum lets you tailor your degree to match your interests and career goals. Choice: Choose your areas of specialisation from over 30 study areas, including languages, history, psychology, economics, and media and communications. Diverse opportunities: Access diverse career opportunities by gaining vital skills that are transferable across industries and professions, including communication, teamwork and research. Aim higher: By enrolling in one of Australia’s most popular...


The Bachelor of Biomedicine offers 13 majors across a range of biomedical disciplines. If you're interested in entering the health professions, Biomedicine is an ideal choice. The Bachelor of Biomedicine prepares you for the challenges of healthcare delivery and biomedical research. At the core of the degree is knowledge of the normal structure and function of the body and consideration of the determinants of disease. You’ll develop fundamental skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, the analysis of evidence and communication. The Bachelor of Biomedicine provides a unique study experience, where you will be part of a close-knit...

Architectural Design

Architects combine creative vision and technical expertise to help shape the built environment. Successful architecture can help revitalise a city, make housing affordable or help us live more sustainably. With this straight-from-school architecture course, you will specialise from year one, and learn to respond to a range of complex contemporary issues facing the built environment to become a thoughtful maker of the world of tomorrow. Architectural Design is the first stage of our five-year Bachelor/Master professional qualification in architecture. Successful completion of the Bachelor degree guarantees access into the Master of...


Combine imagination with logic, take advantage of emerging technologies, and add value to our culture and economy, through Communication Design or Industrial Design. Graduate with the Bachelor of Communication Design and you'll have sophisticated skills in visual communication, multimedia, interactivity and motion graphics, because we know industry requires innovative, adaptable designers who can design for the platform that best meets its needs. Graduate with the Bachelor of Industrial Design and you'll be equipped to develop effective, attractive and marketable products, systems and services, from initial concept to final prototype,...

Fine Art

This course will help launch your career in the visual arts as an artist, commentator or curator. It will challenge you and support you to excel. By specialising in Fine Art you can find and develop your own artistic voice, preparing you for a career as a contemporary artist. Art History and Curating can help you develop your eye for art and your understanding of its origins and significance, ready to work in art history, criticism, curating and cultural production. Study Visual Arts as part of a double degree and be ready to work in visual arts or to use your artistic creativity and passion across diverse fields.