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Food Technology (Honours)

The Bachelor of Food Technology will provide you with seamless entry into a career in food science and technology. As a food scientist or food technologist you will study the physical, microbiological and chemical makeup of food. Depending on your area of specialisation, you will develop ways to process, preserve, package or store food, according to industry and government specifications and regulations. You will apply your knowledge in all stages of food production from raw material harvesting until it reaches the consumer. You will examine the optimisation of food quality, quantity and processing, food safety and nutritional value, and...


The Bachelor of Agribusiness has been redeveloped for 2015 to ensure students have access to the best courses and facilities at UQ. Students will now complete courses at both the St Lucia (Brisbane) and Gatton campuses. Courses at St Lucia will be taught by the UQ Business School and courses at Gatton will be taught by the School of Agriculture and Food Science. Both of these Schools are ranked number one in Australia. The BAgribus program will prepare you for a business career in the growing number of food and fibre industries. It is ideal preparation for business management positions in industries which demand graduates who are consumer...

Applied Science

From 2016 the B Applied Science will be replaced with four new specialised programs: B Equine Science; B Sustainable Agriculture; B Veterinary Technology; B Wildlife Science. Applied Science is the science of applying knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to practical problems. The study of Applied Science at the University of Queensland will provide you with not only a broad understanding of a variety of scientific principles but also the skill to apply your knowledge to solve problems and provide solutions to a variety of situations - vital skills sought by employers and therefore a particular advantage when entering the...