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University of Washington (UW)

Die University of Washington (UW) ist die Vorzeigeuniversität der Region. Gegründet im Jahr 1861, gehört die UW zu den ältesten Universitäten der Westküste. Das Forschungsbudget der Universität ist eines der höchsten in den Vereinigten Staaten. Auch in globalen Rankings schneidet die UW sehr gut ab.

African Studies

The Africana Studies undergraduate program takes an interdisciplinary approach through the focal areas of history, literature, social sciences and African languages such as Swahili, Yoruba or Zulu. Students will explore the global migrations throughout the Americas, Africa and the African Caribbean, and reconstruction of the African peoples and diasporas, as well as patterns of linkages to the African continent. The major prepares students for a broad range of academic and professional careers relevant to both the public and private sectors, shaping students' intellectual discipline, critical thinking, research and writing skills,...

American Studies

The program provides a rigorous yet flexible interdisciplinary study of the diverse populations and cultures in the United States, with students able to take courses from more than forty faculty members drawn from across the humanities and social sciences. Beyond core courses in history, literature and politics, students choose an area of concentration such as visual studies, cultural studies, race and ethnicity, legal and constitutional studies, the American environment or class and social structure. With its emphasis on critical thinking and writing, it is no surprise that Cornell students who major in American Studies have gone on to...


Through its interdisciplinary approach, the Archaeology Program provides exposure to a broad range of cultures and the methods of uncovering and interpreting them. Courses cover classical archaeology, Near Eastern studies, and archaeology of the Americas and Africa. Students gain hands-on experience through lab-based courses in zooarchaeology, dendrochronology, geophysical field methods, and in the material cultures of Native Americans and Euro-Americans. Students obtain practical museum experience working in Cornell's McGraw Hall Museum, which houses more than 20,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects whose origins span the globe....


Undergraduate majors study complex social and cultural systems through three subfields of anthropology: cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Topics ranging from identity politics and globalization to prehistory and human evolution are offered and focus on every major geographical region in the world. Graduate courses address a range of theoretical issues, including those related to religion, gender, economics, colonialism, democratization, prehistoric cultures, race, behavioral evolution and conservation. Anthropology is an ideal "liberal arts" major, preparing students for a wide range of professional careers,...