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Universität Buenos Aires (UBA)

Mit ihren über 100 Jahren ist die Universität Buenos Aires (UBA) die größte und renommierteste Universität des Landes und spielte eine Schlüsselrolle in Argentinien's kultureller, wissenschaftlicher und akademischer Entwicklung. Mit einer Platzierung auf Platz 1 im lokalen Ranking und Platz 3 in ganz Iberoamerika ist sie sehr bekannt im In- und Ausland für die Exzellenz ihrer Absolventen und die Qualität von Dozenten und Forschern.


To train students so that they acquire sound knowledge of the publishing process as a whole, the book industry and commerce, daily publications and electronic and multimedia publications. Through an interdisciplinary approach and with a broad vision of key issues in publishing, students are provided with instruments that foster a mature reflection on the main problems and challenges in the publishing industry, in our country and abroad. Students acquire a group skills and knowledge typical of the publishing industry, so that they can plan strategies and achieve competitive advantages with the aim of responding to opportunities in the...


Besides those subjects which are common to all the degrees in the Faculty and those specific for Economy, the Actuarial Professional Cycle is divided into two: 1) Actuary in Economy and 2) Actuary in Administration, with two sections in each orientation and optional subjects that may partially vary in the different semesters. The training provides a solid background in economy; knowledge in administration, accountancy, computer science and law; and support in mathematics and statistics that allows the analysis of issues concerning insurance, pensions, retirements, social security and financial services through appropriate economic and...

Veterinary Sciences

To study the life of healthy and ill animals; the improvement of animal production and the control of the hygiene and sanitary conditions of the production, products and sub-products of animal origin, with the aim of preserving and improving the life quality of diverse species, contribute to the health and welfare of the human population and meet the country’s economic needs.


General Characteristics of the Course: The course in Agronomy extends for 4.5 years and is given in Buenos Aires at the Junin and Carlos Casares offices (to 3rd Year). It consists of two cycles - General and Basic Cycle, of two years, providing solid education in basic concepts; it includes the subjects corresponding to the Common Basic Cycle (CBC), the contents of which have been adapted to this course. - Professional Cycle, of two and a half years, which focuses on the specific professional training. It is completed by an Intensification Cycle and the presentation of a thesis. System of Credits: The course is structured according to a...